eCare Vault is a cloud-based, patient-centric team collaboration solution that enables holistic outcomes for children and adults with complex care needs. The product drives operational efficiencies for enterprise customers in two target market verticals: (i) School Districts/ Special Education – where eCare Vault serves as a privacy-compliant virtual Clinical Care Bridge between multiple providers and caregivers on a student’s care team,  and (ii) Healthcare/ BioPharma -where eCare Vault acts as a Clinical Research Bridge between various clinical study team members to drive patient recruitment, retention, and medication adherence.

Company Info

Leadership: Aparna Rao (CEO) 
Headquarters: Boston, MA
Initial Investment Date: 2018
Community Served: Workforce

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Aparna Rao



Flame Weeding

Flame weeding kills small weeds using fire. It is used on beds before planting and to kill weeds in paths. It works best on weeds under 4 inches tall. Growers will learn about the equipment needed, how to attach the torch to a propane tank and operate the tool.