Anifie is a solution provider of next-generation technology, such as Blockchain and AR/VR, collectively termed Web3. The Company is developing NFT technology that provides unique identification markers in the virtual world for clients and a 3D game-like universe to allow users to participate in immersive AR/VR experiences with personalized avatars. Combined, these technologies have great applications and Anifie has delivered paid virtual music festivals and a new medium for marketing unique fashion pieces

Company Info

Leadership: Yohei Iwasaki, CEO
Headquarters: Los Angeles, CA
Founded: September 2019
Community Served: Workforce


Flame Weeding

Flame weeding kills small weeds using fire. It is used on beds before planting and to kill weeds in paths. It works best on weeds under 4 inches tall. Growers will learn about the equipment needed, how to attach the torch to a propane tank and operate the tool.